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Hey i am trying to help my friend change case, on his pc, he started before i arrived so i dont know where all the wires go, at the moment some of or problems are:  the litle pin thingy on the bottom right side on the mother board, as seen pn the pic tjere are for different thing witch goes on the pin, and we have looked in the case and can only find the 'power sw' (we asume its the power button) and the 'led+/-' (we asume are pled), we cant find reset and hdled. And our other problem is that we have one cable witch says sata power and another with tbe same connector, witch we dont see fit anywhere, where do these go. 

Motherboard: Asrock Z170 Pro4S




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The sata connectors go to the same cables coming off of your PSU that your drives are plugged into. If you don't have HDD led on the case don't worry, neither do I. It's fairly useless anyway and not all cases have these connectors.

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Sata power goes in your HDD or SSD, the pins at the bottom are for your hdd LED and power LED, plus power on off and reset (plus a BIOS Beeper if your have one). The only ones you need to worry about are power and reset, but the hdd led and power led are nice to have too (you can see if a game is lagging due to high hdd usage or not


Hope this helps



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Hey i just wanted to say thanks, fir al the help, now il go read a gramar book. 

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