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countdown software/wallpaper?(dumb question)

hello, can someone tell me if there is any software/live wallpaper for windows which countdowns the days of the year?The main point is to count the days remaining till the year ends.For example on 1st January my desktop says: "364 days remaining till bla bla" or on 2nd January my desktop says "363 days remaining till bla bla".

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32 minutes ago, M.Yurizaki said:

Does the wallpaper need to animate?

yes,that's what I'm looking for,because I don't have time atm to name 365 images for all the 365 days :D

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Rainmeter use it.

You can set up different plugins.

I have a silmeria dock (software dock) + les ombre (clock/day)

If u wablnt i can send an image in 5 days.

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Wallpaper Engine might have something for you. If not, there are probably tons upon tons of free sites and HTML codes you can utilize.

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