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Trouble with my Asus router


Hey guys, I have had a little problem with my Asus RT-N12+ lately. It is connected to my main Arris router and is used in router mode (so it has it's own DHCP server). When I connect a PC to it or the arris via an ethernet cable, it works just fines, connects without any problems. However, once I move to another room, where I have wires going through the walls into the router on one side, and the wall socket on the other, any PC that is connected to the Asus just doesn't get any internet connection (the yellow triangle appears). Now some might say it's a problem with the wall socket, but why would it work when it's connected to the Arris on the other side? It works just fine with the Arris, but once I change the wire on the router side to the Asus, my PC can't connect to the internet... Does anyone know how to fix this issues?

P.S. I'd like it to connect to the Asus since it has traffic managment while the Arris does not...

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