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Mastercase H500M front fan rgb


Hi there guys,


So Ive bought the new and shiny Mastercase H500M,splendid case, there may be better but I am very happy with the performance of this one.


Thing is with those two 200mm front fans that come with the case. I am quite new to the whole RGB thing and I dont understand it as much as I would like, so bear with me please. The fans have two rgb male connectors (male i believe, with holes) which are 3pin. Having one spare RGB header on my asus stryx board i though connecting them right into the header with some sort of splitter would be enough for me to adjust the colors in AURA. The case has its own little desk or whatever and you can have basic colors, rainbow and such, but you cant corelate that with the things connected to the desk.


I have one spare corsair splitter and 1 akasa splitter with four 4pin female (with the pins) connectors, but given that the fan male connectors are 3pin with one oh the holes covered by plastic I cant connect them to the splitter.


If anyone could suggest a solid solution how to get these fans into the header (if its even possible) and how the 3pin 4pin works overall it would be awesome. Any suggestions for adapters, connectors and splitters are welcome, but please bear in mind I have very little use for a hub. If its an only solution though, every suggestion is welcome.


Thanks for the help and if you have any questions Ill try to respond as soon as possible.



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