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What do you guys think of the Acer EB0?


A few people and I are planning on getting a house, and none of us actually own a TV. We were thinking that since we really only watch stuff online that we might as well just see what's available in large monitors since we're all gamers.


So we ran across the Acer EB0 48.5'' 4k monitor with speakers (EB490QK), for around $500 USD on Newegg. It's 60hz with a 4ms GTG response time. Has VESA mounting.1000:1 Native Contrast (dynamic contrast feels bad man). And it's an IPS panel!


What it would primarily be doing is sitting in the living room with my PC hooked up to it. Maybe a few consoles like a Switch, PS4, and Xbone from one of the roommates.


My rig's a 4690k @4.2Ghz stable and AIO liquid cooled, 16GB RAM, GTX 1060 6GB, that would also be used for VR some times. Which is kind of why its going in the front room.


I know my graphics card isn't going to be running 4k games at good framerates on anything AAA or above medium settings, but what do you guys thinK?


Do any of you own one of these monitors and are they good considering the price is very competitive with TVs?

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