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how to fix this distorted color on my Sony 32 inch tv ?


i have a 2012 model KLV- EX330 Sony Bravia 32 inch LED tv connected via HDMI to my laptop . I mostly use this TV for watching movies and tv shows . Couple of days ago i changed the TV panel of my TV because of this weird discoloration but it worked for only about 5 months and now i am facing this issue again . if i switch it off and turn it back on the screen fixes itself automatically but if i use my tv for prolonged time this weird yellow green red lines appears from no where. 

What i did for troubleshooting :

1) tried factory reset but no luck

so is it the newly bought panel which is causing this color malfunction or is it T-CON or mainboard related issue ? please see the attached photos of my tv to better contemplate the issue




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