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How to Fix: 3TB+ HDD showing up as a 2TB HDD.

How to Fix: 3TB+ HDD showing up as a 2TB HDD.


I see a lot of people are having this problem so here is a guide on how to fix your 3/4TB drive.




The problem is that your drive is initialized as MBR instead of GPT.

This can be fixed easily but you will lose all your data on that drive.


WARNING: You will lose all data on the HDD!


Step 1:

type "diskmgmt.msc" in the windows search bar and open the program, preferably by right-clicking and selecting "Run as administrator".





Step 2:

Once you opened the Disk Management, then right click on the blue part of your drive and select "Delete Volume..."





WARNING: Don't continue to step 3 unless you are 100% sure that you have the right drive and that there is no important data left on it!


Step 3:

Select yes to clean the drive.




Step 4:

Now right click on the disk name on the left of the bar and select "Convert to GPT Disk"

The conversion is now done, the next steps are only there for creating the partition.





Step 5:

Right click on the drive and select "New Simple Volume..."




Step 6:

Press next.





Step 7:

You can now set the partition size, this is set the the maximum size by default.

Press next.





Step 8:

Use the drop-down menu If you want to change the drive letter.

Press next





Step 9:

Next up you can fill in the drive name (Volume label)

Press next.





Step 10:

Press finish.






Your drive is now formatted and you can use the whole drive instead of just the 2TB.






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That's a lot of HD porn you can store there...

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Wow nice tutorial Looney!

Hope I could help!

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