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Just a wonder is there a resion why graphics card requirments can't be expresed in comput units? 


720p 5 cus

1080 8 cus

4k 32 cus


So you don't have to mess about to see of gt480 is eqivlent to a gt730 


All exampals are random 




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Some people don't know what comput units mean. It is easier to just give them an AMD and Nvidia card and call it a day.

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How would that be easier? I think it is much easier to just see what the card is, instead of having to look what type of compute units the card has( Nvidia has CUDA, AMD has Vega and something else). Then if you havent noticed that computers have gotten much faster over years, because compute units get faster and more efficient, so you would also have to somehow find out how many older gen compute units equal the new gen compute units, and that for every generation, also compute units arent everything, different cards have them clocked at different speeds, different memory busses, Different VRAM configurations, etc etc.


This is a mess. It is much easier to get a gpu name, instead of having to go through all this.

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