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Overclock monitor


Hello guys,


I wanted to know if I could or should overclock my new monitor (LG 29" 29WK600 UltraWide FHD IPS HDR 10 LED Monitor).

I'm not really good at this, I'm now using a MSI GL62M 7RD, having a Nvidia GeForce GTX1050.

The monitor has a feature of AMD FreeSync, so would it be incompatible with my Nvidia GeFore GTX1050?

And will there be problem if i want to overclock it for better gaming experience? (Not really hardcore gaming, just for some fun gaming but want some smooth experience)

Also how can I overclock it if it's okay?




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  • 2 months later...

Any news on the 29wk600 overclocking, OP?

Could you get at least 80hz without frameskipping?

Considering to buy this instead of the 29um68 cause its a bit cheaper, altough the later has a good record of being able to overclock the refresh rate up to 80hz with an AMD card and Freesync.

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