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Ethernet connection randomly goes 'limited'


I have a very weird problem which I haven't been able to solve since 2015, when I built my PC. For internet I use two 500 mbps powerline adapters from TP-link, and an Asus Nighthawk R7000 as router. The powerlines work fine, and the speed is outstanding compared to using regular WiFi. 

Now, the problem which keeps occurring is that the Ethernet connection randomly switches to 'limited' / 'unidentified network'. This usually happens about 5-30 times a day, but there are days that it doesn't happen at all too. To get it working again, I usually plug out the Ethernet cable and then plug it back in after a minute or so, but it sometimes solves the problem by itself too. The time inbetween the event from happening differs a lot; sometimes it is 3 hours, other times only 5 minutes(!). The time that it shows 'limited network' can vary strongly as well; it sometimes fixes itself in less than 10 seconds, other times I can leave it for an hour, and when I come back it is still not fixed.

To make the problem even stranger, it only happens when I am browsing the internet (watching YouTube, doing work for school, etc.), or not using the internet at all (video editing), but when I'm gaming or talking to friends on Discord, I never encouter the problem. Is it possible for the problem to appear, only when there is 'too little' networking going on? I've looked into the power management of the adapter settings already, and nothing seems to affect the problem. When I'm using my laptop with the cable and powerlines, the problem doesn't take place at all, so I'm quite certain that it has something to do with my PC, and not the powerlines or cable.

Help would be very appreciated at this point, as I think you can easily imagine how annoying it is having to continually pull out the cable from the back of your PC, so thanks in advance. If there is any more info you need to know, feel free to ask.


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