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Recovering data from old Nvraid with other controllers?


I wonder if anyone succeeded in recovering data from a Nvraid raid set of disks (2 disks in Raid 0 in this case) with another controller. As in: did anyone manage to get the raid detected by another controller?

My old Asus motherboard died, it can boot but randomly crashes before I get the chance to transfer any data. Have found another A8N-Sli motherboard to try, but that motherboard is even more dead.

If this is impossible (which I would think is the case) then I might try to get some pregnant caps replaced on the motherboard (A8N-SLI Premium) and get it stable again.

I have lots of other options for Raid controllers so would like to try that first.


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Hello RobbinM,


If both the boards have the same brand of controller, they may be able to read the meta-data off the disks and re-create the array. You could also create a new array on the new controller using the same exact settings as the previous controller and when it asks you if you want to initialize the array, say no, and hope for the best.


In the end; you can try connecting the disk regardless of controller. If it works at first, it works. No controller will damage the data on the disk as long as you don't tell it to - i.e. as long as you don't execute an operation such as "initialize" or anything.


Software-based RAID with Windows will ask you to "Import Foreign Disks.." making everything easier. Select the first disk to import and when this message appears click "yes". Then repeat the procedure for the second disk, the message appears again, click "yes" without caring about the alerting message. After both foreign disks were imported Windows should  be able to automatically recreate the RAID.

enter image description here





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