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Apple Cinema Display No Longer Displaying

I have posted about this display in the past and fixed it then with a simple solution, but this time around I just want some validation on what I think the issue is. So I run this cinema display as a side monitor and have a mini displayport (female) to displayport (male) adapter running to my GPU. This has worked until yesterday when I did some desk rearrangement and a computer restart and the thing conked out on me, it would not display anything. These cinema displays don't have a conventional on button and only turn on when powered and connected to a video source. I did these troubleshooting steps:


- Connected another display to that port on my GPU which worked

- Connected the Cinema Display to a laptop that I have and it was able to display

- Did some vigorous jiggling of the adapter on both ends to make sure it was secure and in the right place (which was my issue when I first got his display) but to no avail


The device connection sound plays upon plugging it in and it even shows up on device manager but that's as far as I get. At this point I fairly certain its the adapter but if you have any other insights please let me know, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Probably a cable issue

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