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PC can't get to the Windows 10 login anymore


Today my PC froze with a black screen in the middle of playing ROTTR. I assumed it was the overclock i had on my CPU at the time so i went to the bios to change it back to stock. Booting my PC once again, worked fine for about 5 minutes before the same thing happened, black screen and the entire OS locks up. I tried to reboot about but once the OS loading got past the Windows 10 logo, it freezes and my monitor says no signal. 


I had updated my drivers recently for my R9 390 so i went about launching into safe mode to remove the latest updates with DDU. This process of DDU took an unusually long time with me having to wait nearly 20 minutes for the process to complete. Once complete i went to install a previous version of the AMD drivers. The one i had originally installed was the newest 18.6.1, and the one i tried to roll back to was 18.4.1. OS launches alright without the GPU driver but while installing it, the same freeze happens. I went about DDU again just to make sure but this time on the reboot i couldn't get to the OS login screen. It would get to the Windows 10 logo and then do the same thing as before, black screen with no signal.


What i've tried so far is, CMOS clear, CPU re-seat, swapping in an out RAM, restoring defaults in bios even though CMOS should do this and trying to install different driver versions. The 8350 doesnt have onboard graphics and i don't have a spare graphics card to test with at this current point in time. My bios was also being a bit funky by only showing the clock and was all black until i moved the mouse around which would clear small squares of the screen. I fixed this by swapping the cable i was using from displayport to HDMI. I've checked the event logs for windows and the only thing i can find is an ATI HD audio driver failed to load and an windows antivirus update.


Any ideas what the problem is here? 

ALCATRAZ |   CPU: i9 9900k @ 5GHz, Motherboard: Asus Prime Z390-A, RAM: Corsair Vengence LPX 32GB, GPU: Gigabyte 1070Ti Case: Zalman MS800 Plus, Storage: Corsair 2TB NVME | Crucial M550 128GB SSD  |  WD 640GB HDD, PSU: XFX Pro Series 1050w, Display: ASUS MG279Q, Cooling: Noctua NH-D15


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Most likely a GPU problem.


Try a different GPU(basically anything cheap that supports your monitors, or borrow a friend's card for a day or two).

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Gonna be honest, it sounds like your GPU took a dump and died.


Honestly without a spare GPU you're kind of stuck, my advice would be take it to a shop and ask them to test the GPU for you. It will cost but it's the only way to test it.

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Sounds like a GPU issue, I have the exact same cpu and motherboard as you. Your GPU memory could be faulty or dying.

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5 minutes ago, Master Disaster said:

Gonna be honest, it sounds like your GPU took a dump and died.

I laugh because I am a child.


I agree with everyone else, this sounds like a GPU problem.


I wonder if it is still covered under warranty at this point.


I would check your warranty detail. See here for XFX:




If you are covered, open a case with them and get it replaced.


Otherwise, locate another card to test with. It may be time to upgrade sadly.


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