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I'm kinda (I've been using for a while but probably wrong) new to discord and i'm in the mists of setting up a community server where basically certain channels will be: shown to people and accessed, shown but not accessed and invisible. i would also like to make mini  "jails" where when i grant people certain permissions it will allow them to create and alter their own little category eg. John's palace. in truth i want to be able to do a lot more and intend to extend this thread a lot more in the future but for now id really appreciate getting some help to do these things.


thanks in advance,



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allow categorys to be 

19 minutes ago, BDunkz said:

shown but not accessed

(say a lock emoji in the channels name when locked) possible? 

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@AskTJ Ive been playing around with bots a bit and its working really well, I’m just wondering weather it’s possible to create a channel which can be viewed by a “member” role such as “vip land” but appear locked, and when you have the “vip” role this channel disappears and a whole category opens up for you full of “vip only” channels

i know how to do the second part just not the visible but unopenabe channel bit

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