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A8 5600k VS X5460?

so ive got 2 spare setups:
LGA 771 X5460 modded to a 775 mobo and 8Gb of DDR2 (4x2gb)
A8 5600k, 8gb DDR3 (1x8gb) on a fairly decent overclocking Asrock mobo (cant remember model number right now)
now the reason why i'm asking which is best is because i'm giving one of these setups to a friend so she can play some less demanding games (yes she will be getting GPU probs a 750ti or equivalent).
I've used both setups in the past and overclocked both to as far as i could take them before limiting factors kicked in, X5460 @3.9 before ram max FSB kicked in and The A8 just got too toasty for me to be comfortable with but both yielded decent improvement from stock, if i remember correctly the X5460 performed better but i cant remember as i was using them at different points in time and that's why i'm asking here, does anybody have any actual evidence of which performs best? I've seen posts in which people are saying the X5460 is up there with the i3 2120 which i know for a fact is still very capable (friend of mine is running one in his main rig) and ive seen posts saying the A8 5600k is sort of just behind the i3 2120 so im just looking for evidence or first hand experience from people on which is best performing.

NOTE: by less demanding games i'm referring to like: Half Life series, Doom 2k16 (which i know for a fact can run on a Q6600), life is strange

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If the X4560 is basically equal to an i3-2120, then the following should be sufficient: http://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i3-2120-vs-AMD-A8-5600K-APU/m2227vsm1766


There's a 5% overall performance difference in favor of the Core i3.

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