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Pc Turns on, runs for 5 seconds, shuts down, turns back on but won't post


Hello, just started experiencing trouble after trying to boot my computer for the first time after moving. The title describes the behavior but I'll reiterate. The pc Turns on for about 5-6 seconds, then shuts down (during this time one of the case fans starts for some reason), then the machine powers up again and will not post. It's an old gaming computer than I was hoping to turn into a school work station for my gf. Specs are as follows:

-Asus Saber tooth z77

-Intel (ivy bridge I believe) (don't remember the model without taking the cooler off, which I can do if it helps) 

-2 corsair vengeance 2X4GB 1600MHz

-EVGA GTX570hd

-Hyperx 250gb ssd

-1tb Wd hd

-corsair hx750 ps


So far I have cracked it open and re seated all the connections, pulled and reaseated the ram. No resolution. Any tips or things I can try would be appreciated. Attached picture for reference. 


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