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What is the Highest Most stable Over-clock for an Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti

I have a pretty mediocre System that I recently built, but the Nvidia Geforce 750 Ti has become a huge bottle neck when it comes to gaming, I do admit that I will get a new Gpu soon, but for the meantime, I want to create less of a bottle neck with the Gpu and the rest of my System. I Currently Have 550 Watt power supply, Ryzen 5 1600, and 8 gigs of DDR4 3200 Ram, but it is currently Running at Around 2132 Cas 16, Which I also plan on overclocking, but have been having huge problems overclocking the ram to 3200, its full limit, but it's probably because of the Motherboard, which is the MSI Tomahawk B350 Normal Edition.  Without Overclock In Cinebench, Latest Version, I reached 74.28FPS Average, Running at about 1150 Mhz Core Clock and Memory at 2700 Mhz (DDR5). Affter Overclock, it scored 86.79 FPS, with Core Clock Boosted all the way up to 1315 Mhz and Memory boosted to 3200 Mhz (And by boosted I mean Overclocked). I want to know whether there is still space for overclocking the memory and core any higher without risking it burning up or frying itself, Thanks

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You probably don't need to OC the video memory any more than that. My 1070's memory only runs at 4007 MHz, not terribly higher than your 750 Ti's. I'd focus more on getting a few hundred MHz out of the core. Whether or not you can is dependent on how good the GPU cooler is, and the case fan setup. OC produces more heat, so you need to be able to get the heat off the card, and out of the case as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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