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Can't run FIFA 17 and DS4Windows

I recently did a fresh install of Windows 10 because I had some virus problems and my drives had a lot of unused files so I decided to save my important data on a usb stick and do a clean install.
So everything was working fine until I downloaded Origin and FIFA 17, plus DS4Windows because I've been using that program to play games with my DualShock 4.
Everytime I try to start FIFA either through Origin or run the .exe file directly, it just doesn't work. The Origin window disappears like it should when you start a game, but the FIFA launcher doesn't appear and after a few seconds the Origin window reappears like when you close a game.
Same thing with the DS4Windows.exe file. When I try to run it, the blue loading circle appears next to my cursor for a few seconds but then nothing happens.
Bear in mind, I can run other .exe files like Firefox, Steam, Origin without any problems, it's just these that don't work.
I haven't tried downloading/running any other games since the fresh install, but I might give them a try.
Oh and I have already tried running them both as administrator and also in several compatibility modes, but it didn't work.

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8 hours ago, Technous285 said:

With FIFA 17, did you at least attempt to Repair the game and see if that fixed it? Sometimes doing a Verify (Steam)/Repair (Origin) command on a game will fix a game that refuses to load.

Yes, I tried it once but it didn't help.

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