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Ryzen APU PC in old Nintendo WIi

Thinking making a PC inside an old broken Wii would be a cool way to reuse the box, and a cool stealth design. The problems I have run into is any AM4 motherboard I have found is too big, and cooler options are pretty bad, aaand power supplies are a bit too big. I am looking for any way to fit these things in/ any part recommendations. The APU I would like to use is the Ryzen 3 2200G. Feel free to ask questions, and thanks in advance for any help.

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Even if you could find something that could fit inside the case, the other main issue I'm seeing is heat. The Wii was a power sipper at like 14W on average. The Ryzen 3 2200G is a 65W TDP part. And the Wii has a dinky little vent and fan to cool the system off. So unless you're willing to hack up the case, I don't think you're fitting the part you want in there.


Now there are energy efficient ones coming out at 35W TDP, but even then, I'm not so certain how well those would work in a mostly unmodified Wii case.

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I don't really see any way you could reasonably fit a "desktop" class mobo and cpu in the wii case.

If you really want to complete this project i would suggest looking into an older laptop or notebook mobo, and creating your own thermal solution.


Good luck on your project!

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Perhaps the Wii U would be a better fit? It is a bit bigger and broken ones are pretty cheap.

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