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[LG G6] Something stuck in my 3.5mm port?

Hi guys,


Sorry if this is the wrong section (no pun intended.) A little backstory;


I'm a volunteer rural firefighter and I keep my phone on me at work, as if I receive a callout I need to be able to contact my first officer immediately. However, something has recently fallen into the slot (I'm one of those guys who uses his pockets as rubbish bins) and I can't get it out. I've tried different pairs of headphones and speakers and there's definitely something not allowing the jack to slide in completely, thus causing the headphones I have plugged in to disconnect at random intervals. I was wondering what I could do to deal with this situation? I've tried blowing into it, tapping it on my desk, and they haven't worked. I'm happy to give everything a try, with the exception of melting it in Lava :P


Thanks for any help,


Hiya :)

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Compressed air?


Don't do it too deep inside. Keep it a distance away

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Maybe poke and swirl a needle around? If it got in there, it's likely lint, paper or something similarly easy to coerce out

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If compressed air doesn't work (or if you've tried putting headphones/mic into the slot and it's compressed whatever is in there near the top of the port), you could purchase a pair of needle-nose tweezers to try to grab whatever is in the slot. No guarantees of course, depending on how jammed in there (and what exactly it is).


Or like @meenmeen1103 said, rummage around with an actual needle. Not sure how I didn't think of that.


I'm thinking like this, though obviously not in bulk - http://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/New-Ultra-Fine-Points-Tweezers-Set_50002009511.html

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If prodding doesn't help, a few drops of alcohol might be able to dissolve the object and hopefully it will fall out easily. Don't pour too much as alcohol will attack water sealing gaskets, hydrophobic applications and even the thermal compound on the SoC.


Also get your phone a butt plug and usb plug so junk can't foul it up again. When firefighting you could run into a lot of sulfur compounds and reactive substances that are thrown about. That nasty stuff easily corrodes sensitive parts of your phone like the charging port, especially when there's a lot of heat.

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