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Severe FPS Drop While Gaming


MSI GTX 1050Ti


16GB Ram


A few days ago while playing Warframe my FPS started tanking from the regular 80-120 FPS during a mission all the way down to a slideshow of 15-25 FPS. At first when it happened I thought that it was because it was an intense mission with a lot of enemies and somehow my computer couldn't handle it (even though the game is very well optimised), however after finishing the mission and returning to my ship my FPS didn't recover as where I usually have around 140-180 FPS I was getting around 40 FPS.

I play at 1080p with a 60Hz monitor so I should be able to run the game flawlessly, but I can't.


After trying some regular fixes such as lowering graphics and verifying the game files the error was still there, which is when I also noticed that the GPU fan was not spinning. MSI have a thing where if the gpu is under a certain temperature/load the fan will stop spinning to reduce noise, however when I am gaming the card should neither be at low temperatures or under a small load.


This is however where things get weird. I checked NZXT's CAM, MSI Afterburner, and Task Manager. These three told me that my GPU was at around 60-70% load, my CPU was at around 80% load, and the GPU and CPU were at around 65ºC.


If neither of the components are thermally throttling then why is my FPS tanking?

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