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OptiPlex 7010 power pinout

Hello everyone,

The quick lowdown. 

I bought this motherboard with 8GBs of 1600mhz, an i7-3770,  and a 1TB WD Black for $120. Then I was able to find a GTX 970 and an EVGA 600watt 80 plus power supply for $180. 

I only spent around $300 total for this build which was all of my spending money. so I do not have any extra cash to spare for this. I 

I'm trying to figure out the pin-outs for this motherboard. I uploaded pictures for the pinout and the cable of the OEM cable.


OptiPlex 7010 

Motherboard: 0KRc95

Service Tag: 36K8GX1 


The OEM cable has a LED in the center of it connected to the orange and light blue cables. 

I'm trying to figure out which of the cables from the OEM cable do I need to splice with my case cables. 

Can someone lend me a hand?










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Ok, I'll check this out. I might have to buy a multimeter. lol

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Ok, so; the power button/switch is proprietary. The motherboard pins need to be connected through the power button/switch because they all have power running through them to tell the motherboard that it is plugged in and working or else the system will not register a button press. 

I figured out that all I have to do is solder the red and black cables of any standard third party case to the red and black cables of the OEM power switch and then the switch will work like normal! All I have to do is put a rubber cover over the unused OEM power button and this computer is ready to go!



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If you are still looking for how to wire up an HDD LED to the Mini tower (MT) and Desktop (DT) motherboards, check out this newer post:


Optiplex 7010/9010 Front I/O panel socket pinout


Note you may need to add a 1k resistor to prevent overloading the 3rd party case HDD LED.


I've also examined the original power switch, and based on info published elsewhere,



Here is how I think the OEM switch and LEDs are wired.  Using the original Power switch wiring loom, the Yellow and Black wires are required to turn on the motherboard.  To eliminate the  'Alert! Power button failure' message, the Red wire must be connected to Black wire at same time as Yellow wire.


The OEM power switch contains a dual colour white/amber LED.






I fabricated some adapters from a redundant 2.5 to 3.5 IDE adapter.  The one on the left is for the Front IO panel socket.  The one on the right is for the Power switch socket - notice the solder blob (applied to both sides)




Originally, the power switch adapter had a tendency to lean due to the weight of the Power switch and LED cables.  This caused the header plug to lift slightly as confirmed when I am able to straighten and push the adapter back into the socket.  Using a P clip to secure the cables seems to have solved the issue for MT/DT motherboards only.  Applying some spots of glue to the plug/socket may be another solution.






For the Front I/O panel socket, see:




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