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can i overclock r7 2700x with the stock cooler ?

how far can i overclock they ryzen 7 2700x with the wraith prism stock cooler ? 
can i reach 4.1ghz with good temps ?

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There is no reason to overclock the 2700x as you allready get as good performance as you will be able to get out of it when stock. You can get to around 4.2 ghz if you have a cooler. 4.1 is very achievable. 


If stock presicion boost 2 will manage the cores quite well and at least 1 of them will run at 4.35 ghz. That is why there is no reason to overclock it. Especially when you are only thinking about doing 4.1 ghz

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You can overclock it a fair bit but i have not tested one myself. It will also depend on silicon lottery but I think 4.1 should be doable with higher temps. I do not think 4.2 or .3 are doable with the stock cooler.

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2 minutes ago, Majestic said:

It's pointless.

Yep. Just let precision boost 2 take care of OC on the x series. If it was a non-x there is something tl gain by overclocking. On the X-es there isnt (in almost every application)

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