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My 2700x with a Noctua d15s cooler idles on average at 42c with ambient temps of about 27c. When I stress test it using prime95 it gets too 67c on aida64 it gets to 60c are these temps normal with my cooler and stock speeds. Also how can I lower the volume of my case I want it as quiet as possible. My case is a fractal define r6 with a14 Noctua fans.  

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Those temps sound about right for that ambient.

You will need to slow down your fans to reduce the noise, note this can also reduce cooling performance.

If you have plugged you case fans into your motherboard go into the bios and look for a chassis fan speed setting and reduce it.


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Those temps are very good. Anything about 80C is when you start getting toasty and 100C is cause for alarm.

You can adjust the BIOS settings for the fans to set their speed to fixed and set them lower if you want to cut back on the noise but the temps will go up a bit as well.

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the temps look normall for the stress test im getting the same temps using water with a ryzen 5 2600 your idle looks a little hihg but as i say im using water so it might be ok on air

how to lower the volume change to watercooled or insulate your case other than that i dont no

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So I have gone into bios and lowered my fan speeds but than temps get higher and thus the fan curve I set doesn’t matter because the temps get to the new high point and run fast again. Fractle case I have has noise canceling pads all over plus I went ahead and bought some Silverstone 2 noise canceling foam and put it all around the inside of the case but still sounds kinda loud. Glad to hear the temps are good tho

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