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New laptop for 2018, what are my options?

Hi all :)


Over the last few weeks i've been doing my research on various laptops for both school and travel. However, i can't seem to find exactly what i'm looking for, and thus i turn here for help. I'm looking for a laptop in the $1000ish range (willing to go up to about 300 over, if worth it) that has a CPU that can handle some more advanced blender modeling + rendering. A GPU that can play games at 1080p60 (i don't mind medium/low setting) something like a 1050[ti] is fine. Upgradability, a good 1080p screen and decent battery life when doing basic tasks. 


Laptops that i've been looking at are the xps 15 and the Lg gram, but neither really fits :/


Thanks in advance :)



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Dell G5/G7

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