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Announcing new combined topic for F@H. Official LTT F@H FAQ & Guide.

Announcing new combined topic for F@H. Official LTT F@H FAQ & Guide coming soon is Here!!



In a best effort to centralize and tidy the Subforum a bit, several pinned F@H topics will be combined and updated.

Disclaimer: This will be a work overtime for me (@SansVarnic) to fully update this topic with current information, but I am combining the following topics so don't be surprised if some information is still old.

  • "Folding@Home Install Guide and Links - LinusTechTips_Team - 223518" by @Whaler_99
  • "GPU Folding Facts and Fiction - Configuration and Settings" by @Whaler_99
  • "For Folding Users - Tips, Tricks and FAQ - Updated July 2016" by @Whaler_99
  • "F@H Web Client Dark Skin with PPD comparison by GPU / WU" by @LAR_Systems


The new topic will be up and running as soon as I can get it done. Hopefully not too long. 

I apologize if there is any inconvenience to anyone wanting to post or ask questions.


This topic will be a locked topic and updated on an 'as needed' basis. Any updates, changes, suggestions, and such can be sent to me by PM and I will incorporate them as time allows.

I encourage you all to utilize the Community Board for future posting and create new topics for specific questions that need it.


Thanks to you All for your patience.


Edited by SansVarnic


LTT Folding Users Tips, Tricks and FAQ   |     F@H & BOINC Badge Request     |    F@H Contribution    My Rig   |   Project Steamroller





Character is like a Tree and Reputation like its Shadow. The Shadow is what we think of it; The Tree is the Real thing.  ~ Abraham Lincoln

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Docendo discimus - "the best way to learn is to teach" ~ Benjamin Jantz


I am a StarCitizen are you? My ships: Aegis Eclipse, Aegis Sabre, Aegis Gladius, Aopoa Nox, KI P52 Merlin, KI P72 Archimedes and the RSI Constellation Aquila.


My phones are a Samsung Note 9 and a Samsung S9+


🇺🇸   About Myself:   https://linustechtips.com/main/profile/229093-sansvarnic/?tab=field_core_pfield_46   🇺🇸






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7 hours ago, marknd59 said:

my numbers look pretty good 🙂



Thanks! I could get it to work on that particular page just not the "donor" page. But with statsbeta... it finally works. Thanks!

P.S. I think they should really have a "Top 5k Ranked Donor" label personally 😄


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Woot, passed 24 mil!



I like this F@H in the dark plugin. 11/10 recommend.

I am currently annoyed at Apple for making a stupid incompatibility between their iMac G5 ALS 1.8 GHz and iMac G5 ALS 2 GHz logic board models.

820-1540-A, while the same form factor (and is 95% compatible) does not work interchangeably with 820-1747-A because one has pins and one has pin sockets.


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OK, so who in here is going to do this in a less janky way to show it actually works?  😛 



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28 minutes ago, justpoet said:

OK, so who in here is going to do this in a less janky way to show it actually works?  😛 



I could... since I have 6 GPU's in 1 system, and two are currently under water.

Current Build


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