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Tesla c2075 acting weird.

 OK, here is the lowdown. I bought a Tesla c2075 for pretty cheap to go into a retro workstation but I am worried that it got damaged on route as the box it arrived got smooshed and USPS did not bother to prevent the card (which the seller securely wrapped in an anti-static bag and Styrofoam) from bouncing around in the box. Right off the bat I can install any Tesla or Maximus driver just fine but I cannot access the Nvidia control panel as it does not recognise any Nvidia card being plugged into the monitor (which it is) and the computer runs off of the generic VGA driver, no matter what the Device Manager says. Furthermore if I attempt to render any scene in Blender Cycles that goes over 2GB of VRAM, a third of the c2075's, I will get an error pertaining to running out despite the c2050 3GB that I have rendering said scenes just fine. Lastly, GPUz only just recognises the card as a c2075 with everything else being reported as a "0" or "Unknown". It correctly reports the c2050 though so it is not a compatibility issue.


 Does anyone have any ideas?


 I am about to put the card into my main workstation, instead, with the c2050 and a k4000 as the main display driver to see if it is a software or hardware issue but wanted to get the ball rolling with this thread first.


 P.S. The reason I do not bother asking directly on the Nvidia forums is that I tend to get very generic answers from an admin(?) that sounds either automated or they did not even read the issue and seldom anyone else. Go figure.



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whered you buy it.


the reason i ask is because the gpuz info sounds fishy if 0's or unknown. not sure about gpuz specifically but custom bios etc can be used to trick software into recognizing it as something its not. i certainly hope this is not the case.

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Ebay from a longtime user with a 100% score both buying and selling. The GPUz thing is something I have seen before when a GPU is damaged but also sometimes fixed by plopping it into a new PC, speaking of which, I still need to do that.


 One more thing, I examined the PCB and it is identical to all images of a c2075 that I could find without pulling the heatsink off.

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