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Crysis/Warhead Issue

Hey guys. I wanted to play Crysis 1 and warhead again with my GTX 1080 to compare it to my old 770. It is literally unplayable now I get horrible screen tearing on a 144hz monitor 1440p. It's the only game I have that does this. I've changed the settings around and played with Gsync and ingame Vsync. Ingame Vsync still tears but not as bad only about 3 lines of tearing, but the input lag is the worst I've ever seen. Close to half a second delay it feels like. Gsync has no latency but still 3 lines worth of tearing, and when I turn off Vsync no input lag but 5 lines of tearing with even the slightest mouse movement. 


Interesting though when I turn on Ingame Vsync it locks it to 24 fps, which is like a slide show now that I'm used to 144hz. I'd even play at 24fps if it didn't tear and lag so bad.

Any idea what's causing this?

Anyone have this issued and been able to fix it? 

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I also have a 1440p 144 Hz Gsync display.  I can try with my 1080ti and see if I experience the same thing.

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