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Constant Issues with Bluetooth

I have a DREEVO Calibur bluetooth keyboard. For the first month it worked completely fine however soon after my computer would stop picking it up properly, saying that the computer and the keyboard were paired but not connected. I did a clean reinstall of the Intel bluetooth drivers and it worked perfectly fine for a while. In the last day I've had to do clean installs of the bluetooth drivers over and over because it keeps disconnecting then not wanting to connect again. 


The errors I get from it are:

- 'Try connecting your device again' in the bluetooth settings window.

- Entering the PIN code, pressing enter and nothing happening. This is also in the bluetooth settings window.

- The computer not picking it up at all

- The keyboard working but as soon as I boot it up the next day it stops


Is there anything I can do? I'm kind of sure it's a computer issue however I don't know, Google wasn't of much help either.

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