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Laptop won't turn on from wake up

Hi guys


For last month since early year, my laptop won't turn on from wake up after I use at least 1 hours I put it on sleep. When I about to use, open my laptop screen it won't wake up at all. Even I tried to put it plug in power brick it still won't turn on -_-'

I dunno what's going on, there got problem by software, power management, battery or something ._. every time in battery usage always happen and didn't turn on.


I still wonder what happen, I open back cover screw and remove the cover of my laptop to reach it battery, I pull out the battery power source and plug it back, I try to test and my laptop TURN ON as usual ._. I'm not sure what happen and that's the only solution I did 3 time every time in battery usage WON'T TURN ON sometimes, and NEVER HAPPEN when plug in.


Anyway ever this problem happen every among of laptop user? This is kinda frustrated, won't turn on, open the back cover, pull the battery power source, plug it back, turn on, and ready to use.

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Laptop model?




When did this start occurring?


Did you check the setting for when you press the power button and or open the laptop lid?


Event view logs?


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