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Hi, I have two nvme SSD's. With M key I believe.

My motherboard only supports one.

I'm therefore looking for a 2.5 SSD enclosure in order to connect my nvme to my sata. 


I could also use a smaller pcie connector. As I have one pcie slot available.  However my case is an INwin Chopin so I'm sure it needs to be a small connector.  


I could also use USB as well. 


I can't seem to find much out there. I found a bunch for M+B keys and B keys. But nvme M keys don't have very many options.  Any help is appreciated.

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Are you sure its a NVME drive? which model is it?

Any enclosure or PCIe card will need to support it, so thats something to check first.

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Well, I've got an inwin chopin.  Which is tiny.  I have one pcie slot.  So I bought a m.2 to pcie.  And moded my case and the pcie card.  Now it fits and works.  Good to know I could make use of the Pcie slot

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