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i7-860 for a EVGA GTX 750 Ti FTW Trade

I just traded an i7-860 for what was supposed to be a Radeon HD 6870 but instead he gave me an EVGA GTX 750 Ti FTW which is amazing. I'm pretty sure the CPU is/was toast (he was fully aware) and I have no idea if the Ti works or not. Was wondering if there is any possibility that a messed up graphics card could destroy my mobo/other parts if I test it out.

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Nah you'll be fine.

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A broken graphics card won't, but a deliberately sabotaged graphics card could. Malicious wiring to step up and reroute power back into the PCIE slot where it shouldn't go, etc. But that's pretty far fetched unless the guy has intent to mess with you.

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