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Back-up Software Recommendations? (EaseUS, Comodo etc...)

I've been doing some research on good back-up programs, however all of these "top 10"/"best back-up programs" seem very sketchy to me, mainly because the comments would often disagree with their list. I also noticed that Acronis True Image was on every list which strikes me as odd since my experience with their paid version (and the WD edition) was nothing but horrendous. It's been over year and their support still hasn't gotten back to me and my multiple attempts to contact them. Judging by the comment section, I don't seem to be the only one. 
So my question is, do you have any recommendations for back-up programs that have a good rep in the online community? Is there a reliable source where I can look at other peoples' experiences with back-up software? Price isn't a problem for me. So far EaseUS and Comodo backup seems to have a good rep. I've already tried Aomei Backupper but still prefer EaseUS and Comodo.

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Probably a sponsor

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