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Cables for M40X?

So I've owned my audio technica m40x for almost a year now and I've always used the straight cable in my setup for my computer and then the coiled when I take then elsewhere. Recently I have been wanting a shorter cable to use on the go but all the cables made by other people seem to have bad reviews of them breaking down after a couple months. I would also like some sort of controls integrated into the cable but again those come under that category of breaking down again. Are there any cables out there that won't break down or is it worth just buying an oem replacement and cutting it down and re attaching the end?

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All cables (even good ones) will wear down and eventually fail sooner or later. If I had a pair of m40x cans and was looking for a better cable, I would remove the cable locking mechanism and get any cable from Amazon found at these exact search words "cable 2.5mm to 3.5mm controls". 

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