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Can someone please explain my compatibilty issue on pcpart picker also advice appreciated

It's just a note that's saying when you install your M.2 drive that two of the SATA ports will be disabled. The manual will tell you which two and you can just plug the HDD into one of the non-impacted parts.

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Its not hard. The m.2 slot shares PCIe lanes with 2 of the sata 6gbs ports. When you populate the m.2 slot, there are 2 sata 6gb/s ports that are disabled. The motherboard manual will tell you which 2. 

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1 minute ago, jimmbraz said:

i am using this for gaming and streaming any advice is appreciated



You mean the compatability note?

You have a certain amount of SATA ports on the Motherboard. If you use the M.2 slot (which you will) some of those SATA ports will not be useable since the M.2 slot and the SATA ports share bandwith. I believe the motherboard has 6 SATA ports to connect harddrives to, when you use the M.2 slots only 4 of those SATA ports can be used. This means you can have at most 4 HDDs if you use the M.2 slot.

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The motherboard actually has two M.2 slots. Only one supports SATA drives. As the note suggests when a SATA M.2 drive is used it will share bandwidth with two of the six SATA channels.


Personally I like to reserve M.2 slots for NVMe drives. 

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1 hour ago, rip said:

But m.2 saves you on cable management

It is one extra SATA cable to plug into the board. Hardly going to affect cable management. The SATA power cable will be needed anyway for the HDD.

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