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My Computer crashes while playing loud repeating audio

My computer has recently been experiencing crashes in which my pc freezes and plays very loud audio, like a screeching noise. It requires a hard reset to restart. I have no idea what this could be, some people said it could be my motherboard, but it has gotten to the point where almost every 20 minutes it crashes. Help please!

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out of the speakers screeching noise?  Or out of the case noise?  Does the screen freeze, bluescreen, go black, shut down?  Computer specs would be a good idea also.

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The repeating sound is a side effect of the crash, the sound card no longer receives commands or instructions from the computer and goes on "auto-pilot", it simply keeps playing what's in its internal buffer ( when you play some music or anything, the application has to keep copying data into the sound card memory and the sound card chip loops through a few KB or hundred KB of memory and plays whatever is there)


If it crashes always after some time, it may be a cooling issue. You should check if the cooler is placed properly on the cpu and you should also check the heatsink on the chipset, make sure it's seated properly. Put a finger on it while the pc runs, if it gets hot then there is some heat transfer so it should be fine. Make sure the fans are spinning and aren't stuck in place by some loose cables inside the case, or maybe the heatsink is caked with dust or animal hair ... open the pc and check everything


Install memtest86  on a usb stick or a cd and boot from usb stick / cd to test your memory : http://www.memtest.org/#downiso

Leave the test running for at least 20-30 minutes or at least one complete pass (total time depends on memory amount) ... if you get memory errors at least one ram stick is bad. Pull out all sticks and insert just one stick at a time and repeat the test to figure out which actual memory stick is bad.  Sometimes (rarely) it's the memory slot that has problems, so if some memory stick reports errors when you have it in the first slot, it may be worth moving it in 2nd or 3rd slot and repeating the test.


Sometimes memory sticks that are running at high voltage from the factory (for example 1.65v to achieve 1600 Mhz or 1866 Mhz for DDR3) can no longer sustain that operation after a while. It's often possible to reduce the voltage to some lower value (like 1.5v for 1.65v memory sticks) as long as you also take down the frequency a bit (from 1866 Mhz to 1600 Mhz for example) and if there are memory errors, these may be gone.


Also worth checking out ... very rare, but sometimes a bad sata cable can cause errors as well ... it's cheap to replace a sata cable and may solve the problems (or if you have an optical drive, try switching the sata cables between drive and hard drive)



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The sound is coming through my headphones, my temps are fine (I just installed custom watercooling), I think it might be the voltage, as the color of the voltage is yellow in the bios. I have ddr4 3000mhz 32gb. I have a sata cable from the mobo box.

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16 minutes ago, CoolBeans72 said:

the color of the voltage is yellow in the bios

nah, that's normal. I would guess driver issues or unstable overclocking. Probably able to find what it was with windows event viewer. hit win key+r and type in "eventvwr" without the quotes and hit enter. On the left side of the window that pops up open the windows log folder and select System. Should show details on what's going on with your system, will show a red ! and say error, click on the errors and see what the source it lists is, also read the description in the window. if you can't figure it out share a screenshot and one of us might be able to help



r5 3600 wip, 4.2ghz@1.25v (1.212 get) [3.7GHz@1.0125v(0.975v get) on air, nh-l9x65] | custom loop cpu&gpu 1260mm nexxos xt45 | MSI b450i gaming ac | crucial ballistix 2x8 3000 cl15@3733 cl14|Zotac 2060 amp wip [1965mhz@900mv on air] | 256GB Samsung 950 pro nvme | 1TB Adata su800 | 4TB HGST drive | Silverstone SX500-LG | Silverstone ML08



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