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I would like to know if a ryzen 5 1600x and gtx 1050 ti will bottle neck and why,

don't use any online calculators as none of the ones ive seen are accurate.


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1 minute ago, Keg Ops said:

you good 


t. 1050ti owner


Ryzen 5 is gonna give you roughly the performance of an i5 which I use. I've had no issues. 

ty, imma wait a bit for more responses 2 be sure tho.

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You have a decent processor which limits you to GPU constraints, keep in mind that literally every system has a bottleneck because it is a group of components, the difference is how high that bottleneck is. But that is a good system that you should be able to keep for a fairly long time with a GPU upgrade down the road.

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Not at all, a Ryzen 5 1600X is good for up to a GTX 1070 without major bottlenecking.



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