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Computer Freezing During Normal Tasks (Answered)

I have a decent amount of experience with computers, including building them. I am certainly not the cleanest with building, maintaining, or even using them. My problem has been that since about the 8th of this month, when I built this, my computer has been freezing up randomly during normal tasks and especially while playing games like Total War. I chalked this off to undeveloped bios for my new B350 mobo because this is a new computer. I updated to the September bios and still, I was freezing all the time. Then I went to stock speeds for my CPU, and again it kept freezing. I even turned off boost.



Ryzen 5 1600 stock speeds and cooler with MSI Tomahawk B350

8 GB 4x2 kit of Corsair Vengeance LPX rated at 3000mhz (I found it was unstable so I run it at 2133, and it didn't fix anything).

EVGA B3 (IIRC) 550w psu

Minishun 512 GB SSD, about 2 years old, with refreshed Windows 10 in September.

XFX RX 480 8 GB.


I eventually figured out that it was because my SSD was running at full load when my ram hit 50 percent usage, and started to page (I think) more and more the more I used. It passes stability testing, and everything is reading 8 gb. The ram is not on the supported list for my board, which I assumed was the problem, so I played with timings and eventually just left it at 2133. Then I tried changing virtual memory, even turning it off. Nothing has worked so far. My computer freezes even while using chrome and approaching 3 GB of ram usage, and when it gets to 6 gb with Warhammer 2 it starts to freeze even more, every couple of minutes.


I have an old but according to its software good condition, Taiwanese made Kingston SSD from 2012 that is 120gb I can use as a boot drive, and I am thinking of getting a 2 TB Seagate Barracuda anyway for storage, so if the SSD is the problem I will be okay. I have noticed it is acting wierd and it is not a drive I recommend at all because it is kind of archaic, it isn't even named in the bios of any computer I have used with it.


What are my other options? It makes it hard to use this computer. I like the performance over my old FX 6300 but I am really getting tired of lagging.


Merry Christmas.

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First I would see about swapping out your ram to one that is supported with Ryzen..... Also it favors ram around 3000mhz, 


If that doesn't fix it, Remember that SSD's slow down ALOT after More then 50% of the ssd is FULL. Buy a Hard drive like a 1TB it's around $60 for a good one like seagate. Move all your games and files to the hard drive and use the SSD for just the OS and maybe 1 small game to keep space used below 50%.


Depending on how much money you can afford to spend you might want to try the hard drive solution first as it will be way cheaper.

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I am thinking of getting a 2 TB Seagate drive form amazon as my storage drive and using this oldie but goodie Kingston as a boot drive and putting this drive as storage for my bro who I am starting to build a computer for.


I am also considering trying to put this ram back to thee proper speeds by playing with A-XMP. Thanks for the response mate.


Don't appreciate the sexual harassment tho

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5 hours ago, mynameisjuan said:


Read his/her username

Wii-U Wii-U Wii-U Wii-U Wii-U Wii-U Wii-U *insert firetruck picture* :) 


Alienware 15r3: I7 6700HQ, 16 GB DDR4-2400 RAM, GTX 1070, 120GB SSD + 1TB HHD

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I really didn't make that a smooth reference though seeing as how I have constant diarrhea.

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