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Cant boot to BIOS.. Tried different RAM sticks AMD RYZEN 7 1700

Here is my parts list.

AMD RYZEN 7 1700 is my processor

In addition, I have tried to switch it out with this ram.

Neither work. It wont go to BIOS. HDMI not detected. When I turn on my motherboard, I get three beeps. Three beeps means that RAM isn't detected. Everyone tells me to make sure it's seated correctly, but I know that it is. Is it because AMD Ryzen can't support more than 2667 MHZ and both of these sticks are 3000?

Should I switch the mobo? It's ASRock - AB350M Pro4 Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard




Here's a review on amazon for the G-SKILL that everyone says I should get. This is what someone else wrote on Amazon.


"I'm currently running this on a Gigabyte GA-AB350-Gaming with a Ryzen 7 1700 processor. I purchased this because it's on Gigabyte's list as compatible and the low CAS latency of 14. One thing to note is that this memory will automatically go to it's default speed (2400) when it's installed. To get the full 3200 speed, you will need to go into your BIOS settings and set the XMP profile for the memory.

Note, speeds of 3200 are not stable on most Ryzen systems unless your BIOS is up to AGESA version 1006 . Gigabyte had a BIOS flash for my motherboard that included this update and the memory runs perfect at 3200 14-14-14-34."


Is this the one I should get?

I'm really at a loss and would love some help.

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I'm amazed that you got no responses here.  Now I understand why you returned everything as the return date cut off was coming up soon.  Someone should have chimed in at some point.


What little I know about ryzen is they are very picky with ram, even my 7700k didn't like my gskill stick's as it wouldn't run xmp until following bios updates.  Early on about the only sure fire ram was corsair on the ryzen platform.  Someone somewhere should have given you proper advice.


AMD is historically a very finiky platform, one that you need to power through the problems.  Intel has a larger R&D budget so has a better compatibility.  I started with AMD and it was not easy.


I would suggest reposting in the planning section and simply state what your goal is with budget and listen to feedback on the platform you should use, then get specific's.


Side note: I was told to get the gskill ram because it was a great overclocker however early on in my z270 platform I couldn't get a stable clock on it in the slightest.  Now I can run XMP and have tinkered with BCLK, but again like my first machine, AMD is all about tweaking testing and clocking like it's a job.  I got result's that were far more than one could expect however I was doing it 24/7.


If you just want a machine to work either get verified build advice about a ryzen rig or go with intel.  I would suggest staying away from overclocking unless you want to put the effort into it.  (also a 1070ti for the price you posted is unreasonable and more than a 1080 would be)

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I appreciate this. I want to learn more and challenge myself. I want to stick by AMD. Overclocking is not something I'm interested in right now.


So with that in mind, would this be a good setup?




It's what I had originally. I used GSkill Ram at first, but then I returned it. I still have the corsair ram, which I will use, but i did try the corsair ram in the original set up, and no luck.


Part of me feels all the problems must have been that bent pin on the CPU, because nothing else makes sense. The error message I kept getting was three beeps on the motherboard meaning a ram problem, but you and everyone else told me to get Corsair Ram, and that's what i tried in every slot.


I hope you can help me. It's been tough.

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I really want the experience of building it. I've built one before. I know what you mean about AMD being harder, but I want to learn. Something went wrong the first time. You cant think of anything I should do differently?


Edit-Aside from buying prebuilt.


I already have the case, PSU, and SSD.

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its always possible there is an issue with the motherboard.

Although maybe this is unlikely 


Have you tried booting it with just one stick of ram

If not try it with one stick, and test it in each slot one by one.

See what happens.


If the ram is indeed compatible, it might be something else.

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I would suggest getting a main stream motherboard (I'm partial to Asus) and check the QVL (qualified vendor list) for compatible ram.  The motherboard maker needs to keep their uefi/bios updated to get memory compatible.  I know that early on the corsair lpx kit's were the only sure fire memory to be supported on ryzen.  I'm certain your issue was with the less commonly supported gskill rgb kits (excellent ram just not as universal).  Right now memory and gpu prices are crazy for various reasons.  The list you linked looks good although if it were me I would go with and Asus mb as I've had the best sucess on personal rig's with them.  ASrock is a good company but I've never had a major issue with Asus.


I would go with that build and give it another go, only make sure you get feedback if there is an issue.

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Its not about Intel or AMD, you could have a defective motherboard or memory. For me there's no difference between the systems, if i have a problem i never blame the processors. I treat AMD and Intel system the same way. The best way to troubleshoot is trial and error.


Okay, 3 beeps definitely memory error. Here's what you can do before returning the motherboard / memory:

- Reset the bios to default, read the manual, in general you have to short the bios reset pin.

- unplug all memory and test one by one (only 1 memory).

- If all memory fails to boot, borrow a stick from your friend. if boot then the memory is incompatible. if not then the motherboard is bad.


Ignore the QVL list, its outdated, all memory should be supported nowadays.

Also ignore the motherboard branding, all motherboard brands now are just as good.

The bad ones already out of the market. I'm rocking a 1600 on a Biostar Brand 24-7 no problem.


Don't blame the brand, you may just out of luck and got a defective one.

It happened with asus also (personal experience).


ASRock - AB350M Pro4 is a good motherboard, many use it no problem.
If mobo really the problem, you should RMA it and get a new one.

Ryzen 3600 @ 4.5ghz all cores | Asrock B550M Steel Legend | Radeon RX580 | 2x Samsung 16gb c-die 2666 @ 3600mhz cl16 | 500gb WD SN750 | 9 TB HDD | Deepcool Gammax 400 w/ 2 delta 4000rpm push pull | Antec Neo Eco Zen 500w

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Wow, biostar. I haven't heard that name in a long time.

I think the first computer i ever built was using a m5ala board, super socket 7  back in 99 or 98 lol xD 

Dont think I have used them since

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I know I've been sloppy in how I've covered my issue. Here's why mine is weird.


I used G Skill at first, but then I also bought Corsair Vengeance. 


I did many combinations of all 4 sticks.


1) Both of the corsairs. A1 and B1. A1 and A2. B1 and B2, etc

2) Both of the G Skills. Same as above

3) One Corsair in each slot. Then the other one.

4) Same with the G Skills


Now when I only had G skill, the problem could have been that it was incompatible, or that it was faulty. It's possible. But if Corsair is DEFINITELY compatible, and that didn't work either.


The idea that both my corsair and G Skill had TWO faulty Ram sticks that couldn't even get the BIOS screen to come up is highly improbable.


So even though on every boot I got 3 beeps on my motherboard, (indicating a memory problem) I still believe it was something else.


People told me it couldn't be my Processor, because it wouldn't even beep at all if it was the processor. You can tell me if that's accurate or not, but the one mistake I know i made is that I put my processor in backwards and bent a pin. Using an electric pencil, I bent it back in to shape, but potentially that might have done it in.


It's a strange story, isn't it?


Regardless. This is the new setup I'm looking at.




I'm getting an ASUS B350-F Gaming as my Mobo, and I'm keeping my corsair vengeance Ram which a spokesperson from asus confirmed will work for me.


The next step is finding a good temp cheap GPU while I wait for a price drop. I got your message Psittac, and I'll be looking in to those venues.


Any thoughts would be appreciated in the meant time! And I thank you all for the help you've already provided. 

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