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Anyone else use G.SKILL TridentZ Series with ASRock AB350M Pro4 AM4 AMD??

I get three beeps on the motherboard. Tried every combination with my Ram sticks, and nothing works.


Does anyone else have this combo? PC Part Picker says they work.







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Asrock 3 beep code means no ram detected.  This code is different than Bad Ram, which wouldn't give you a code.  Perhaps it's not seated correctly? Without different ram, it's hard to give you testing options.

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I think you didnt seat it correctly, when you push it in you should get a click, you do not pull up those clips on the sides.

My Rig

CPU - Ryzen 5 1600@3.8ghz          GPU - XFX XXX RX580 8g          Cooler - Arctic Freezer 33 eSports edition green          Motherboard - Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3          Ram -  G.Skill 2x8 Ripjaws 5 2666                   Case - Pahntecs P400s TGE Modded with Green accents          PSU - Seasonic M1211 evo 620w          SSD - Samsung 960 evo 500 GB          HDD - Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm 2tb       

 Fans - 2 be quiet SilentWings 3         OS - Windows 10 Home 64-Bit         Cables - Cable Mod Green Cable Extension


Mouse - Logitech G502          Keyboard - k95 Platinum Brown          Headset - Philips SHP9500s + Vmoda Boom Pro          Monitor - LG 29UM69GB

Webcam - USB webcam for Wii Fitness game xD

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So it still isn't working, even though I tried a new type of RAM. Corsair Vengeance. I notice my AMD Ryzen 7 1700 processor does not support higher than 2667 mhz. All the Ram sticks I got were 3000.


Does that mean I should get 2667 MHZ RAM? Should I update the motherboard? This is the RAM I'm being told to get.




But it's still 3000, even though it's "made for Ryzen."


Should I get a new motherboard as well?

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