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Do good keyboards and mouse help

59 minutes ago, Loganc said:

Does it help your performance buying a decent mouse and keyboard 

not fps or anything (obviously) but it might help with competitive like with macros for rts's and higher dpi mice for csgo or clicky keys, so it can but it dosent increase your skills

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High-end keyboards and mice are luxury items. They do not make you better, except maybe a descent mouse will make aiming more precise. But they do make the typing experience much nicer, and extra buttons are great for macros or other actions. Like my Corsair Scimitar mouse makes MMO's a joy as I bind my most used actions/spells to the 12 button array on the side. But I used a normal style mouse for ever, and I was not any worse at the game. The new one just made my life more convenient.

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No. I buy whatever fits my needs and feels ergonomic in my hands

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For me, it depends on what you define as performance. I don't have a gaming advantage with any of the mechanical keyboards out there, but that's because you're not gaming at 100 words per minute. I type very quickly, and I need to have a keyboard that has a medium travel distance and travels quickly... So having a mechanical keyboard is a must for me to be able to type at my quickest. When I type on my laptop keyboard, even sitting at the same spot at my desk, I have a guaranteed 20 word per minute drop on the laptop as I do using my regular keyboard, but alot of that is having gotten used to fast typing on the mechanical. 

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1 hour ago, Loganc said:

Does it help your performance buying a decent mouse and keyboard 

Neither will help your computers in game performance that's all down to what CPU/GPU etc you have in your computer.


What it will help like stated above is your comfort level. 


For me the mechanical keyboard is just more enjoyable to type and play games on sure it will be a faster than a cheapo bargain bin keyboard that has ponies on it but will it make you any better at a particular game? No.


Mice are a little different depending on what games your playing..  I play tons of CSGO and for me I just cannot play with a generic mouse.. you cant set your sensitivity properly with a cheap mouse and when your playing competitively having an accurate sensor on your mouse can make a huge difference at the higher levels. 


If you were thinking of upgrading skip getting the keyboard for now and try a proper gaming mouse from Logitec, Razer, Steel-series, corsair etc and see how you like it.  If your playing FPS games the next best upgrade to give you an actual advantage would be a 144hz monitor.

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The difference between a $9 mouse and a $40 mouse is obvious, but past that you’ll need to be pretty picky to justify the extra price. (Remember getting a better mouse won’t automatically increase your skill in games though.)


With keyboards it’s really your choice. I can’t tell a performance difference between cheap or expensive mechanical keyboards. Some people swear by mechanical while I’m just fine on most keyboards. 


You’ll make a lot better decisions if you go to a store and try them out yourself. Like everyone else has said, ergonomics are key.

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Depends on your use case.

If you use your computer for nothing than typing and a facebook machine then u can just use whatever available.

But that doesnt mean buying a good mouse and keyboard wont give u any improvement.

Good keyboard and mouse has better build quality,ergonomic,feelings and lifespan.

U can easily tell the difference between $5 mouse and $40 one.

2 hours ago, CosmicH4x said:

yes, i use my gaming mouse at 12,000 dpi and im reking everyone

12k dpi? O_O

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They only help if you’re good at the game. 


Get good with the mouse and keyboard that came with your computer, then get a good mouse to do better. Keyboards don’t matter as much, they just feel better, and permit more keys to be pressed. 

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