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Asus Strix Z370-(E,F,G) VRM heatsink clearance


Hi All,


I'm planning to buy Asus Strix Z370-(E,F,G) and put it in Fractal Design Meshify C.  Also I am planning to use NZXT Kraken X62 and position it on top of the case.


I am a bit concerned of the clearance because the VRM heatsink of the Strix board looks like its going to interfere with the rad of the Kraken although Meshify C's website says that Top radiator: 120/240mm (max component height on motherboard 40mm)


Can I ask whoever has the same configuration or even using a Z270-E (board design on this is closely similar to Z370-(E,F,G) )?


I couldn't put the rad in front as it will interfere with my Strix GTX 1070



GAMINGCLICHE: Core i5 6500 - Gigabyte H170N-WiFi - Deepcool Gabriel - 16GB HyperX Fury - Asus Strix GTX 1070 OC - NZXT Manta

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