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Best Free Software to clone old HDDs to Partitions of a new HDD

Hi guys. 


Thought I would do myself a favour and retire 2 x 1 Tb WD hdds from 2010 and a 74GB Raptor hdd from 2007. They actually all still work kinda fine and my 10 year old raptor is still at 100% health according to Acronis Hdd Monitor. I want to make some more room in my case so I ordered myself a 4 TB Seagate Barracuda drive. Did some research and it seems it is one of the best GB per NOK HDDs in Norway. I guess I should also expect a speed bump since according to some benchmarks it hits around 150 MB read / write while my 2 old 1 TB drives maxed out at 80 MB read/Write and my raptor is at about 75 MB Read/Write. 


I was just wondering which software (free would be nice) I should use. My object is to clone the old HDDs and then glue them into my new 4TB Barracuda Hdd as a partition, so I do not need to reinstall everything I got. I used a cloning software before when cloning to my Samsung ssd, but it only works on Samsung drives. Any freeware software you guys can recommend? 



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