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Is 11.11 shopping festival popular in your country

today is Alibaba 11.11 shopping festival. Is it popular like black Friday in your country?

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Not really in the USA. 11.11 is Veteran's Day.  However, military members get free meals at some restaurants and other discounts. 




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Guanggun Jie (Singles Day) is mostly a Chinese thing as of right now. 

As said above, it's Veterans Day in the US and in South Korea it's Pepero Day (equivalent to Valentine's Day), so the day is kinda taken in other places.

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A few stores are trying to do some singles day sale, but I wouldn't call it big in any way.

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Black Friday is something they copied here, but not to the extend of how it is in the USA.

Singled day, I though was not a thing where I live; but yesterday I heard a commercial on these radio for a big Dutch online retailer saying they do have sales for single day... Hmm.

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