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Are there any real reviews for the LG32UD99-W?


I'm looking at getting a 4K monitor, I do a fair bit of Photoshop/photography & gaming.

My current monitor is a Hannspree 1080p 28 inch bought in 2010 & whilst I always got by with it, some increased resolution, size & IPS goodness would be appreciated now. I already have a Samsung 4K television & consume a lot of 4K content, even without it, in my opinion normal Full HD looks better (when upscaled) on 4K. I had my hopes set on the LG 32UD99-W for ticking all the right boxes, I have seen a couple of negative comments regarding the HDR (Nits not being bright enough), but they were more from people who hadn't had any actual experience with the monitor itself. Trudging through through the Internet and apart from Amazon or B&H, I am yet to find any actual reviews anywhere.

Are there any reviews yet?

Has anyone actually bought this for their PC and can they please tell me their experience with it?

I am aware that it is only HDR10 and not a true 10bit panel (it's 8bit + FRC).


My specs are i7 6700K, GTX1080, 32GB DDR4 ram, 500GB SSD & 1 TB HDD.


I'm playing Prey, Fallout 4, Gta V, X Plane - 11 & Just came back to Elite Dangerous again. I occasionally play other FPS as well.

Also I am not too worried that my current graphics card won't be up to scratch playing all games at 4K, I can can drop resolution for now and upgrade my graphics in the future :) like many others, I don't have space for a dual monitor setup!


Any other monitor suggestions would also be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance for your help!





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