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Hi folks,

Starting to get annoyed using the Killer Network Drivers. Was wondering what network drivers is less buggy and is supported on my MSI Z710A Gaming M5 and Windows 10 64bit?


And are intel drivers a good option?




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The killer nics tend to be based on Atheros nics rather than Intel ones, id stay away from the Intel drivers as it may kill it off.... There are cases of people managing to use Atheros drivers instead of killer drivers successfully, but it depends on a lot of factors so would be very hit and miss...


Id suggests if it really is that big a deal to you about the nic,  to pick up a cheap 1gbps intel nic of eBay and call it a day at it will be easy to get drivers and just works without having to dick about trying to find compatible drivers and make sure windows 10 forced updates don't kill of internet connectivity ...

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