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My water pump turns itself off while computer is running

...and after 5-15s turns back on again giving me a hearth attack.

It's a Laing DDC-1T connected to a FSP Fortron Raider 750W via a cable which isn't connected to anything else but water pump. All hard drives are connected to an other lead.

It turns itself off and turns back on usually after 10s, but a few times it took it like 30, so then I was really stressed.

My whole PC (including pump) is brand new (has like 2 weeks).

The only thing that could cause problems that I use an open water cooling, third revision of this (haven't yet updated that topic with photos). But the pump behaved like that since it was brand new and I use a filter on the intake .

Does anybody have any idea? Could it be some powersaving features of the MB or PSU?

Oh, and in my house we have very low voltage and it sometimes it drops. My computer was having bluescreens 'till I changed the PSU to an overkill. Could it be that it has problems supplying that much voltage over molex?

My silent evaporation cooler - Silent Not_a_bong_cooling 

Laing DDC-1T

i5-7600K and MSI GTX 1070 Sea Hawk (EK Waterblocks)

Gigabyte G1 Z170X Gaming 7, 2x 8GB Crucial 2666MHz

Kingston V300 60GB, Toshiba 1TB, Samsung HD403LJ, Toshiba MK2035GSS
Fortron Raider 750 (only one that can handle voltage drops in my house)
Creative Sound Core 3d + 5.1 Home Theater


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Try disconnect everything but the pump from the supply to see if that sorts it.


If you are having power issues, you really should get a UPS or something to sort out voltage droop etc. Mine turns on sometimes to boost the voltage a bit.

Sync RGB fans with motherboard RGB header.


Main rig:

Ryzen 7 1700x (4.05GHz)


16GB G. Skill Flare X 3466MHz CL14

Crosshair VI Hero

EK Supremacy Evo

EVGA SuperNova 850 G2

Intel 540s 240GB, Intel 520 240GB + WD Black 500GB

Corsair Crystal Series 460x

Asus Strix Soar



Dell E6430s

i7-3520M + On board GPU

16GB 1600MHz DDR3.

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