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Is this bundle worth it?

Hello guys, i need your help again.

As the community standards pointed out that everyone has to write 5 points in the New Builds and Planning section

1. Budget & Location

I live in the silly place for computer parts, because they don't think that Xeons are cheap, they think it is so awesome

They also give ridiculous pricing for Graphics card! like $480 for RX 580 4GB. The PC Part Picker of Indonesia for used and new parts are :



My budget is around Rp.14.655.443 ($1100). Also the currency is Rupiah (IDR)

2. Aim

I am gonna be using my PC for Streaming and Gaming, specifically at 1080p 60Hz and FHD Quality Stream. But my games are gonna be Need for Speed series, Minecraft and Games like Crysis 3

3. Monitors

Just a Samsung 1080p Curved 40 inch TV, and is it worth if i exchange for the LG's Largest 4K Monitor 43UD79? I bought the FHD TV For like $446 New when 2015

4. Peripherals

I already hunted for Logitech equipments Like G413 keyboard and G403 Mouse. Also a Razer Kraken Pro is bundled with my upcoming PSU

5. Why am i upgrading?

I already have a super old PC (LGA 775) and i think i can sell it for $121 (if you want the specs of it tell me) so i can make the PC Price not so Expensive. 

So finally coming to the Bundle ($550.26)

-Core i5 6400 lga 1151 Skylake
-Zotac Nvdia Geforce GTX 1060 6gb
-Motherboard MSI H110 PRO Micro ITX
-Powersupply be quiet! System Power 8 500w

i can add this RAM and Case

Team Elite 16GB DDR4-2400 (2x8GB) $158.69

Corsair Carbide 330r : $50.92

so Total it is gonna be $759.87 for overall parts, is it worth it guys? and do you suggest any changes to parts? let me know in the comments and Thank you

"Make it future proof for some years at least, don't buy "only slightly better" stuff that gets outdated 1 year, that's throwing money away" @pipoawas


-Frequencies DON'T represent everything and in many cases that is true (referring to Individual CPU Clocks).


Mention me if you want to summon me sooner or later


My head on 2019 :

Note 10, S10, Samsung becomes Apple, Zen 2, 3700X, Renegade X lol


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