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how control fan speed CLink4 h80i v2

hi like tittle says i have some problems i need to solve:

1)How should I make the connections of the two fans to be able to control the speed of them with CLink4?
2)How should I configure them on the motherboard?

***I clarify that one of the fans has 4 pins and the other 3 and both are connected to the pump***


ask this because I connect the fans as they are supposed to go and in the CorsairLink4 I do not see one of the fans (the fan that expels air out of the case) to change its speed so it turns very fast rpm. the temporary solution was to connect this fan to the motherboard and regulate it in this, but its speed remains constant at all times and although the CLink4 shows me the fan connected to the motherboard, obviously does not allow me to configure the speed from this. like I said, I can regulate the speed of the fan that draws hot air from the cabinet.
well I'm waiting for your help thanks

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50 minutes ago, ppdemo said:


Both fans needs to be 4 pin as the Corsair AIO's are only capable of providing PWM control, a 3 pin connected to the AIO will just run at full speed. 

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