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BSOD, 2 Random Crashes, then recovery screen


Ok, so i was playing rocket league while talking w/ friends when my game froze, 5 seconds later I Got a BSOD for a WATCHDOG_ERROR. I though it was normal, and went on. It booted normaly to the windows lock screen but was frozen. 10 sec later it hard restarted itself, it did that again, weird. 3rd time it booted straight to windows recovery. I dont have the dump files because I am not at the desktop. 


I had a few issues last night too. I installed a Wi-fi/bluetooth card(Asus PCE-AC1200) in the top PCIE 1x slot, and booted windows normally. I hard restarted 4 times last night but i brushed it off and installed the drivers. 

Again, I am now faced with a Recovery screen.  I am running the latest non-insider windows 10 home 64 bit. Full system specs are https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Ynt4zM. I had 3 FHD and 1 4k monitor connected if that has anything to do w/ the issue.


ECA020A3-9061-404E-BF67-5FE81BC90C07.jpegI just want to know what to do next and how to fix plz halp 

Main Laptop: Google Pixelbook 

Dev mode w/ Cross Enabled


PC: Ryzen 7

1700x / 32GB 2667 / GTX 1080 / 1.5 TB of SSDs / 1TB of HDDs


Monitor: AW3418DW Ultrawide

120hz / 3440x1440 / RGB / Amazonbasics Dual Monitor Arm


2nd Monitor: Dell U2515hx

25 inches / 1440p / Portrait / Amazonbasics Dual Monitor Arm


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